Our Story

A leather jacket is definitely a classic and versatile item of clothing that has been on trend since the beginning of fashion history. They are not only about fashion but also combining fashion with high practical value. Furthermore, great durability, high impact on style and timeless appeal makes them ‘a smart clothing decision’. If you don’t own one, this is a must apparel missing from your wardrobe.


Our journey in search of class, durability and affordability in one place led us to build our brand. On one hand rock-bottom brands doesn’t have the cuts and the details which makes a leather jacket evergreen. On the other hand artisanal brands, despite having the details and looks, are unattainable in price. With the aim that a perfect leather apparel doesn’t remain a pipe dream, we take the challenge of offering a luxurious look which is also cost effective.


In this modern era of technology, the key to success is, to take a step ahead. This is exactly the central point which makes us stand out. We combine the finest material with smartest technology to make you look perfect while achieving your goals. Boujee Leathers will change your way of making a bold statement with your style. Our outstanding pieces would definitely become your personal favorites.



Why choose Boujee Leathers

Finest material

Boujee Leather Jacket Material

Cheaper jackets use leather that is corrected. The animal skins are sanded down and sometimes faux leather grains are pressed into it, as well as extra spray of dyes and treatments are used to make them uniform. But our adventure starts by picking the finest material. The use of “full grain” natural leather, high quality smoothly running YKK zips, makes our products last forever.



The linings we use are of higher quality synthetic polyester, insulated and quilted. These linings doesn’t shred and tear easily, feel really comfortable and breathe well. Our jackets will keep you warm while looking cool.



Boujee Leathers Hand Crafted

Our experienced jacket makers look into each intricate detail, examine every measurement and ensure each stich is laid correctly.  A machine will never take that much time and effort for you. Although this is a lengthy process but it makes our leather products truly a work of art.



Cost effective & Cheap genuine leather jackets - boujee leathers

Cutting out middlemen enables us to offer prices way lower than the luxury brands. Moreover, having decades of experience of working with famous brands enables us to deliver the same quality but at a pocket friendly price. In short, the cost of marketing and expensive storefronts won’t be burdening your wallet.


Know your Jacket

You will receive your jacket with a special certificate, embossed with a leather piece from which your favorite apparel is made. This is a token of confidence in our products. So, in a moment where you want to project an image of self-assurance, all you have to do is just to take Boujee leather jacket out of the closet.


Check out our full range and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.